About OIB

Founded in 2015, Online Investment Banking News is a one-stop-shop for stories in the investment banking realm, including topics on latest business deals, finance news, markets & currency trends, as well as technology, science & innovation.  OIBNews.com consists of a broad group of writers and financial analysts with a variety of backgrounds in the financial news industry.

Joshua Pendleton, owner and founder of OIBNews.com, received his MBA in Finance from Brinker School of Business in Fall 2002 with a focus on investment banking.  Co-Founder, Michael Scope, received his MFA in Writing from the University of Michigan in Spring 2003 with a focus on investigative journalism.  OIBNews.com now employs numerous writers and financial analysts worldwide.

OIBNews.com continues to hire professional writers and analysts with all different ranges of experience.  Our summer internship program is recommended for college students looking to gain experience in the financial news world.  And our entry level writing positions are perfect for people looking for flexible work from home positions.  For information, please email us at contact@oibnews.com.


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